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Q:  How to upload your own program in Arduino?

Ans:  follow the steps:

1.     1. You need to install Arduino IDE - DOWNLOAD

2.     2. After installation, you will see a window like this.


3.  3.    If you are familiar with Arduino coding, build the code as per your application.

4.    4.  The  firmware developing is completed , now the step is how to upload the code in our PC to Arduino controller

5.    5.  Now you simply connect the connect a cable between  arduino and laptop USB port.

6.      6. After that you have to set in Arduino IDE(Tools->Boards manager->select “Arduino uno”)

 Note: Arduino uno – it is not a fixed board(model), so  you need select as per your Arduino model.


7.     7. After that you have to observe “comport” number in arduino IDE (Tools->port->com8) select that port number. Now the arduino board is successfully connected to computer.


8.    8. Now simply click on the upload button  (arrow button), code will upload load to the Arduino board, you will observe the status at the bottom of the window.

Arduino_compiler_TechnoElectronicsAdd caption

Note: Step: if  you are getting problem with upload the code, please 

check the steps: 6, 7.

Q: Which pin is for which purpose in 1602a LCD in Arduino?


Q: In Arduino Uno circuit board how many programs run at a time?

Ans: Here the programs means  it is a “hex file”(machine 

language) ,  so you need to dump only one   “ .hex” file in Arduino 


if you click on the upload button in the Arduino compiler, first it will 

verifies your program and then it will erase  any previous program 

in Arduino board then it upload the program,

          so, in Arduino circuit board only one program(hex file) run at a time.


Q: How to build a voltage control resistor for Arduino?

Ans: Voltage Control Resistor:  It is a three-terminal active device with one input port and two output ports. The input-pin voltage controls the value of the resistor between the output pin. VCRs are most often built with field-effect transistors.

For arduino VCR mainly is used to provoide

the operating voltage.


Vout is connected to Arduino Vin pin, GND is 

connected to Arduino GND.

You can get the output voltage by control the 

gate to source (Vgs) voltage.




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