3006P-103 Trim-Pot

3006P-103 Trim-Pot

 Trim-pot is also known as Trimmer Potentiometer. These are in very small size and one of the variable resistors. It is a three-terminal device and it has a knob to vary the resistance manually. Due to their size, these are widely used in PCB mounting. Trim-Pots are designed for highly sensitive tuning devices thereby we can get highly calibrated readings.  

Model Number: 3006P-103

Other Related devices: 3296

Other names: Multiturn preset, Trimpot

In general, it is a potentiometer, variable resister, preset, and Trimmer Potentiometer but there are slight variations in all like (size, power handling, calibrated readings).

NOTE: If the Trim-Pot can be used as a variable resistor then it called Preset, Trim-Pot is used in tuning and calibration in designs.

What is Trim-pot ?

What is 3006P-1-103

3006P-1-103 Trim Pot-TechnoElectronics

3006P-1-103 Trim Pot

     1.     3006 – Model number
2.     P – Style
3.     -1=Product Indicator( -1=Standard Product , -7= Transparent Housing)
4.     103 – Resistance code (10KΩ)  



      1.     Multi Turn Potentiometer.
2.     Material: Cermet Potentiometer, Model 3006P-1-103.
3.     Package: Through-hole Mounted
4.     Adjustment Type: side slot screw
5.     3 pin configuration
ROHS complain.

Technical Specifications

     1.     Resistance 10KΩ (CODE: 103)
2.     Number of Turns: 15
3.     Withstand voltage 400V max.
4.     Temperature range -55 ͦ C to +125 ͦ C
5.     +70 ͦ C   Rated Power 3/4w
6.     +125 ͦ C Rated Power 0w
Insulation Resistance 500V DC

Pin Configuration



Side Terminals

1 and 3

Wiper (Middle terminal)

2 (Variable Resistance)

Knob (Screw)

Adjustment of Resistance

Trim-Pot symbol

Trim Pot Electrical Symbol


Where to use trimpot 3006P-1-103 Trim Pot

It is the multi-turn Ttimpot has 15 turns, because of that we can set the high sensitive readings

for example, if I have preset 10kΩ it has only one turn, while I m adjust by using this preset I can get some values like 1,2,3,4,5.

If I m using multi turn prest like 15 turns preset, we can rotate upto maximum 15 turns, so we can get high sensoty values such as 0.01,0.02,0.03,0.04,0.05, 0.06,0.07,0.08,0.09,0.10, 0.11,0.11,0.12,0.13,0.14. upto 5V.

So using the normal single turn preset we cannot get high sensitivity values

How to use Trim-Pot?

Trim-Pot has Three terminals and one Knob

Three terminals are used to interfacing, side terminals(1 or 3) any one of the terminals is connected to Vcc and other terminal is connected to the Ground, The wiper terminal or middle terminal (3) is the variable Resistance pin.


TRIM-POT Circuit-TechnoElectronoics
TRIM-POT Circuit


TRIM-POT Circuit-TechnoElectronoics
Voltage control Using TRIM POT

Terminal 1 and 3 are fixed terminal and you will get the maximum voltage between 1 and 3 terminals.

Rotate the knob(Screw) on the top of the Trim then you will get variable voltage at the middle(wiper) terminal. If you rotate the knob in clockwise direction resistance will increase and counter-clockwise resistance will decrease.

Advantages of  Trimpot 3006P-1-103 Trim Pot

  • It is designed to operate for low power ratings
  • It supports PCB mount
  • Number of turn 15
  • We can design high sensitive products.
  • Very less weight, easy to transport
  • It is available in a three-terminal lead screw based small package
  • It has external protection.



  • Oscillators
  • Multivibrators
  • volume control designs
  • Frequency controllers
  • Sensors
  • Voltage and current control designs
  • Tuning circuits



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